NATIONAL WINTER CAMP 2019 WILL BE HELD ON 26/12/2019 TO 31/12/2019
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• To create an academic ambience that will enable students to capitalize on the present demand for human resource in the global work place through proper language skill, personality development and management skill.

• To promote psychological & physiological development and industry interface through seminars and workshops.

• To build professional human resources.


1. To remove language barrier from poor and weak students.

2. To remove hesitation in speaking English, Hindi & Sanskrit among Indian students with all categories of personalities.

3. To develop self-confidence, English and Hindi skills of Indian youths and guide them how to mix well with others.

4. To help youths to make them morally sound.

5. To improve different language skills (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar etc.) of different categories of people.

6. To develop interactive skills, people skills and social skills for the aspiring invaluable later on life of the youths.

7. To develop a warm dynamic personality.

8. To sensitize the feelings of unity in diversities of national affairs.

9. To feel the uniqueness of national cultural heritage.

10. To prepare to lead the life through planned and disciplined ways.

11. To respect the people of all sectors with due honor and importance.

12. To emphasize the sense “save others to save yourself”.

13. To harmonize between industrial and intellectual sectors through cultural exchange.

14. To create curiosity among the young generation about the basic outline of technical know how of industrial activities.

15. To infuse the interest of ambition of taking entry into the world of management sector in various fields especially in industrial zones.

16. To enrich the young generations regarding the present situation of the existing industries-public sectors and private sectors.

17. To impart different types of vocational trainings to men and women to make them professional.

18. To give idea about the problems and prospects of the dominating industrial sectors of India.

19. To alert the local people regarding remedial measures to be taken in respect of safety and pre- caution from industrial pollution and hazards.

20. To make foundation for social management through taking leading role in all types of developmental activities of the society with progressive and liberal attitudes.

21. To ignite to increase confidence level in communicating with personalities of various sectors.

22. To make the leadership quality among the youth.


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